Solar Energy System

Come check out this great offer, bring your energy bills down. Solar Energy is for everyone all over the world, never have a energy bill again. Our system does complete designs for power all over the country, with all price levels. 

Most of our customers need help sizing and designing their systems were professional at this. Also we make it easy with our online calculators, which are used for estimating system size. No one will try to convince you of anything. I’m just here to provide you with all the information about our great solar energy project, where you can save a ton!

Solar Energy System runs on sales, which makes us want to do our job way more efficiently as possible.We appreciate everyone who becomes a member.

Great Customer Service Before & After

One of reasons were different from other companies. Our designers and customer support crew who all work together to make sure each customer is satisfied with the product, and installed correctly. We want to make sure that if anyone has any issues, we want our customers to feel the comfort that we will fix their problem at no extra charge. We don’t forget about our customers after installation, so we can be sure your happy with your new solar energy system our staff will follow up with any of their clients after installation. We have over 40 employees to meet your needs, gets yours today and go green! Image result for solar energy pictures

100% Employee-Owned Company

Each individual has a vested interest in the company and is willing to go the extra mile. Our growing operation includes over forty employees, three sales offices, and two warehouses. Many of Wholesale Solar's employees have installed solar on their own homes. See photos.

Wholesale Solar Can Custom Design Any System

Whatever your projects or goals are, Wholesale Solar can design any system to match your particular needs. You’ll also receive a customized wiring diagram.Image result for solar energy pictures

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