Watch T.V. From Anywhere!

Isn’t it great we can now watch t.v. from anywhere? I think so, this is why i’m here so i can tell you about this awesome website that allows you to watch t.v. from anywhere.

Here with Direct-PCTV we offer more than over 9,000 channels all at the same low price. Don’t worry about all those remotes lost in the other room, or big bulky equipment. Just a simple download into the world of television from anywhere at anytime you desire. No contract, that’s a great one because we all don’t like to be stuck behind those contract’s and hidden fees. All Direct PCTV asks for is a one time payment, not monthly or yearly charges just a one time fee. This is NOT A SCAM, so please feel free to download this awesome new way to watch t.v. at the click of a button.

We offer 24 hour support, if need be our technicians are here to give you the help and support you need to start watching t.v. instantly. Take advantage of this awesome site to watch what you love wherever, whenever.

3 Simple Steps:


Direct PCTV offers 2 different viewing options:

Our first option offers the use of our special channel viewer software that you simply download to your computer/laptop, etc. if you choose
Or second login and click on a channel to start watching with our special “Direct-Connect TV” which offers many of the popular TV channels with direct access.

After downloading, you will have Instant Access to watch more than 9,000 + TV channels. You can even watch LIVE! Love to stream? Then this is for you to , because we offer streaming TV channels, films, sports, music, weather, TV shows and more… Within just minutes you could have full access to many movies and TV shows now.





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