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Betting Gods gives great tips for all of us to learn how to make the best decision when betting. We provide bets for pretty much every sport you can think of it’s amazing the results you get when you on a roll betting like no other.

Can I Make Money?

Yes! But don’t expect to get rich off of sports betting because it’s not happening. You CAN make a little profit though from the bets you make.  TIP: Make sure when you start betting you have PATIENTS! Patients is the key to going into the money making bet!



Most people do it for the long term money but you can choose if you want to go with short term or long term. For sure the longer you try the more money will start rolling in.

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Published Thursday, September 21, 2017

Robert Fraser Tennis – Incredible Results

Signed up to the ‘Robert Fraser Tennis’ service on Betting Gods just over a month ago. Results are insane – running at a ROI above 120% which I doubt he will sustain but I’d be happy with even a small fraction of that going forward. Thinking of trying other tipsters but concerned about some using doubles/acca bets – very difficult to win with those as it amplifies the bookmaker edge. Anyway recommended definitely.

Published Monday, September 11, 2017

great tipster service and so far in a 4 …

great tipster service and so far in a 4 months ive been in profit everyone. just trust in the strike rate and all will come good

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